Airlink Vouchers - Terms and Conditions


1.1.  These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and Airlink Pty Ltd, Republic of South Africa Building 3, Greenstone Hill Office Park, Emerald Boulevard, Modderfontein PO Box 7529, Bonaero Park, 1622 South Africa South African Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission Co Registration number: 1969/002554/07.

1.2.  By purchasing and/or using the Vouchers, this evidences your full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, which have been made available to you at the time of purchase and through the email which delivered the Voucher, and available on https://www.flyairlink.com

 1.3.  No agent, employee, or representative of Airlink has the authority to alter, modify or waive any of these Terms and Conditions.

 1.4.  The following terms shall have the meaning as defined hereunder, unless the context otherwise requires: 

 1.4.1.Voucher (also “Voucher”) means the digital card that can be purchased on the website https://vouchers.flyairlink.com. It is a prepaid balance card that can be redeemed towards the purchase of flights, on the Airlink website https://www.flyairlink.com and on Flyairlink Mobile App.  

 1.4.2.Date of issuance means the date of the original issuance of the Voucher. 

 1.4.3.Expiration date means the last date on which customer can redeem the Voucher. It is also the last possible flight date. The Voucher will expire on this date at end of the day: 23:59 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

 1.4.4.Voucher means the Airlink Voucher, the Compensation voucher and/or the Residual value voucher offered by Airlink.  

 2. Purchase

2.1.   Airlink Vouchers can be purchased on our website https://vouchers.flyairlink.com which are then issued by our partner Qwickcilver Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

 2.2.   It is possible to pay for the Voucher with the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express.

 2.3.   You can order up to 10 Vouchers in one and the same purchase. Each of the Vouchers can be ordered for a value which is displayed on the Voucher purchasing page. The maximum allowed amounts may vary depending on the type of the Voucher, but the default maximum value is R25 000 or USD5,000 per voucher.

 2.4.   The Voucher can be purchased for anybody who has a valid email address, as well as for oneself.

 2.5.   You can schedule the delivery of the Voucher for up to 60 days before the delivery date.

 2.6.   The Voucher balance will be valid for a period of up to 3 years from the date of issuance of the Voucher. The Voucher expiration date is mentioned in the email by which the Voucher was delivered.

 2.7.   After making the purchase of the Voucher, you will receive an order confirmation and payment confirmation in your email inbox.

 2.8.   The recipient of your Voucher will receive in the email the Voucher with the selected image and value. It will include the number of the Voucher, the PIN code, and the link to the Terms and Conditions and to Airlink’s Security and Privacy Policy. The delivery of the email may take up to 24 hours. NOTE: If you have selected “Delivery for later”, then the Voucher will be delivered on the date you have selected.

 3.Terms of Usage

3.1.   The Voucher is non-refundable. It cannot be paid out in cash, or transferred against value, under any circumstances. Further sale of Voucher(s) is likewise not permitted.

 3.2.   The Voucher can be used multiple times, within the validity period, until the total balance of the Voucher has been used completely. After the expiration date the Voucher cannot be used, renewed, or reactivated, nor can any unused remaining balance on the Voucher be claimed or redeemed for cash. No refunds or credit note shall be issued for unused part of the Voucher.

 3.3.   Voucher(s) cannot be redeemed for the purchase of further Voucher(s).

 4. Redeem your Voucher(all types of vouchers purchased and compensation voucher)

The ZAR vouchers can only be redeemed on www.flyairlink.com to purchase flights/ ancillaries originating in South Africa. The USD vouchers can only be redeemed for flights/ancillaries originating in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Kenya, Dar Es Salaam and Malawi.

4.1.   The Voucher can only be used for the purchase of flight ticket(s) and online products from Airlink website https://www.flyairlink.com and on Airlink's Mobile App.

 4.2.   The Voucher can be redeemed until its expiration date, which is mentioned in the email by which the Voucher was delivered. The Voucher expires on the mentioned expiration date at 23:59 UTC.

 4.3.   The Voucher can be redeemed during the flight booking process, initiated either on https://www.flyairlink.com, or on the Airlink Mobile App. Before the payment page, you can enter the Voucher number and PIN Code in the respective fields.  

 4.4.  Currently, it is not possible to jointly redeem Promotional Code(s) and Voucher(s).

 4.5.   The redemption of the Voucher may be restricted for specific days, called blackout dates. If you have the departure or the arrival date on one of these dates, you will not be able to redeem your voucher for that specified period. These blackout dates can be verified in the Check balance section on https://vouchers.flyairlink.com.

 4.6.   It is currently not possible to add Airlink’s travel insurance to your booking if you use your Voucher(s) or Voucher(s) for payment.

 4.7.   The Voucher amount will be applied to the total flight fare (fare and taxes and extra services (if selected)). 

 4.8.   Any monetary shortfalls in the purchasing of flights/ ancillaries using vouchers must be collected either by credit card or Secure Interline Deposit (SID – electronic fund transfer) online in the currency of the voucher issued. (amended, included “Secure Interline Deposit (SID – electronic fund transfer”)

 4.9.   When making a payment with the Voucher, in case the booking amount is equal or exceeds the available credit, the Voucher will be fully utilized. Therefore, the entire transaction payment should be made with the Voucher or if the purchase exceeds the redeemer’s Voucher balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another accepted form of payment: credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or other accepted Voucher(s).

 If there is any credit left after your transaction, the value of the Voucher or Voucher will be adjusted and will remain valid under the same conditions (no refund or extension possible). 

 4.10.You can use up to three forms of payment for one purchase, combining Voucher(s), secure interline deposit (SID – electronic fund transfer) and any accepted credit card(s).

 4.11. Any flight tickets paid totally or partially with Voucher(s) or Voucher(s) are non-refundable. In case the flight is cancelled by Airlink, or the customer (in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the fare family of the purchased ticket(s)) a residual value Voucher will be issued.

 5. Liability and risk of loss

5.1.    The risk of loss and title for Voucher pass to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission of the Voucher to the purchaser or designated recipient.

 5.2.   Airlink is not responsible if any Voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without recipient’s permission. Neither Airlink nor Airlink’s agent, employee or representative is obligated to request a person presenting this Voucher to identify himself/herself. 

 5.3.   Airlink does not accept any liability in the case that the email address of Voucher recipient is misspelled.

 6. Miscellaneous

6.1.   Airlink reserves the right to modify and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions at any time in its sole discretion. These modifications or changes shall not impact the Vouchers that have already been purchased.

 6.2.   These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire and only understanding between the Airlink and you and replace any prior understandings or agreements (whether oral or written) relating to the subject matter hereof.

 6.3.   The failure of Airlink to exercise any of its rights shall not be construed as a waiver or relinquishment of the future performance of any of its rights, and your obligations with respect to such future performance shall continue in full force and effect.

 6.4.   If any clause contained in these Terms and Conditions becomes void, unenforceable or prohibited in any jurisdiction, this will not affect the validity and enforceability of the other clauses in these Terms and Conditions, or of these same clauses in other jurisdictions. In such cases, Airlink and you agree to replace the clause that is void, unenforceable or prohibited with a valid, enforceable clause in the spirit of the original.

 6.5.   These Terms and Conditions are drafted in English. If translated into a language other than English for any purpose, the English version shall prevail and be paramount in the event of any differences, questions or disputes concerning the meaning, form, validity, or interpretation of these Terms and Conditions. 

 6.6.   These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of [Country]. To the extent permitted by law, you agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of [Country], for settlement of any dispute which might arise as a result of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions.

 6.7.   These Terms and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with our General Conditions of Carriage, Security and Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms of Use.

 7. Airlink Compensation voucher terms and conditions:

7.1.   The compensation voucher will only be issued in ZAR (South African Rand) or USD (United States Dollar) currency, depending on the currency of the Country of first ticket issuance.

 7.2.   The compensation voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.

 7.3.   The compensation voucher is valid for one (1) year from the date of issue of the voucher. No extension of the validity of the voucher will be authorised.

 7.4.   The compensation voucher is valid only on Airlink operated flights. Airlink ancillary purchases are applicable on 4Z three-digit flight series only.

 7.5.   The compensation vouchers can only be redeemed on www.flyairlink.com to purchase flights/ ancillaries originating in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Kenya, Dar Es Salaam and Malawi.

 7.6.   Any monetary shortfalls in the purchasing of flights/ ancillaries must be collected either by credit card or Secure Interline Deposit (SID – electronic fund transfer) online.

 7.7.   Once the compensation voucher has been redeemed in the form of a ticket/ EMD for ancillaries, the voucher amount will be non-refundable.